Agile Trainings

In this section you will find our offering of Agile and Scrum trainings

If you have particular need let us know. We offer tailormade trainings to your current organizational challenges.

How Agile Are You ? 

In turbulent and unsure environment companies need to adapt fast and react to changes in their environment. Many organizations started their journey to become more agile and resilient in recent years,  implemented new practices, tools, reorganized teams - they’re doing agile. However not always achieved the expected benefits from Agile Transformation. They miss some ingredients to become more agile.

We will cover: 
- Elements of becoming agile
- Stories from agile transformations 
- Assessment of your level of agility
- Challenges you have as a leader in changing your organization

Target Audience: Leaders and Agile Practitioners
Date: 26 October 2022  /   15:00-18:00 CET
Format: Online
Duration: 3 hrs.
Key Take-Aways : Your Personal Agile Assessment
Price: 150 Euro (180 Euro incl. VAT)

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