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Mirka Trubacova

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and at a very early stage I realized the importance of client and product orientation. During multiple international stays in the US, I learnt how highly competitive markets function.     

This unique experience encouraged me to join a US company, which is where my career in the outsourcing and offshoring industry started.  For more than 11 years, I was responsible for building and providing services to international clients. Not only had I the exposure to stakeholders on all levels of the organization, but also to various cultures and working practices. These experiences allowed me to consolidate a strong local network of educated, highly skilled and experienced employees. 

It makes me proud to see the true potential of my country and I firmly believe that mid-size, family and start-up companies can thoroughly benefit from its potential. This inspired me to become the Co-Founder and Managing Director of VPP Solutions.   

VPP Solutions is here to partner with you, help you optimize your cost and become even more efficient in your administration enabling you to be fully focused on your core activities.   My team and I are only a phone call away, contact us and find out what we can do for you!

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